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Unisex Clothing, Equally Dope.

The No Fear of Flying Unisex Collection for those of you who don't know, are pieces designed to be equally dope on a chick or dude. As a girl growing up in the 90's I had a thing for big baggy clothes, I also tended to vear towards guys clothing cause I love the aesthetic and look of mens clothes a lot more than womens . I think alot of that had to to with color combinations and the details in mens streetwear that just wasn't prevelant in the girls stuff. I always found myself checking out dudes style more than other girls...and so I wore alot of mens clothing. My favorite brands were Supreme, Stussy, Fresh Jive and I wore A LOT of skateboard brands....and NO, I dont skateboard. (I wish I could) ...But I just loved the design and street feel that those brands had more than anything women were producing. Not that I don't love a good female designer, dont get me wrong, cause I do but, that's just how it was. SO with my Unisex collection, I wanted to make something either sex could wear that would be equally awesome on either. And when people ask you "Is that a guys shirt?"

You can proudly say "yep" and not feel like a weirdo.

Fit and sizing are all up to you, whether your a guy who likes slim fit or a female who likes big and loose fit...it's all good here. There are no rules in fashion, so don't give yourself boundries, I won't!


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