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...I believe in miracles....

Tickets for this show can be pretty pricey, so although I have wanted to go for the past few years, I just passed strictly based on that alone. But this year, I really wanted to check it out to see if it is something in the future I would want to be involved with , with NFF, if given the opportunity. But again, the tickets were so pricey $$$ so reluctantly, I thought I would just pass again....BUT then I remembered, when there is no human way, there is always a way for God, so I literally had myself and a few friends pray about it and come Sunday I was in!!! We literally went to the show with no tickets, led only by the faith of my dear friend T, who had to convince me, we would get in.... and without even trying at all had a very nice man by the name of Mark, whom we met across the street at Starbucks (THANK YOU SO MUCH MARK!!) offered to get us in, absolutley free, not a problem. *GASP!! Was he an Angel or Man, I do not know, but what I do know is that it was amazing and mind was blown!! WOW, what a day.

Prayer Works ...BELIEVE!!

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